Inside the Brew

Bitter Brew creates an atmosphere of excitement weekly at the Irish American Sing-Along held at Byrnes’ Irish Pub in Bath, Maine.   The duo of Cyndi Longo and Mama Beth Revels often stretch their musical roots by playing a variety of Celtic, Americana (Classic and Modern),  and folk tunes for all occasions.  Recognized for their flexibility to go from Celtic roots to contemporary music, they are sure to entertain in any setting.  With strong harmonies, the steady beat of Cyndi’s bodhran, and the accompaniment of Mama Beth on 12 or 6 string guitar, tenor banjo,  or octave mandolin, this duo will delight any audience. 

Vocals, Kazoo, Spoons (we use this term loosely), Cider-Sippin’, Whiskey Drinkin’, Bodhran, sass

12 & 6 string guitar, irish tenor banjo, octave mandolin, guinness guzzlin’, vocals, she’s got a whole bag of magical tricks we’re only starting to explore…

Other ingredients may vary.